About The Trainer



New Life Dog Training (formerly Northern Pride Canine Academy) was founded by Douglas Cass  and Scootch "my 9 1/2 year old black lab" in 2003 and is located in New Hampshire. I trained dogs for 10 years before getting certified and the results "speak" for themselves, the work demand grew. It was decided at that point I would start a business doing what God gave me the gift to do and work with dogs.

New Life Dog Training provides expert dog obedience and behavior rehabilitation. 

Our mission is to help adopted/rescued dogs settle into a new home with the family that gave them a new life.

Through our commitment, experience, and expertise New Life Dog Training has established a relationship with our customers that will last a lifetime!

Doug has trained hundreds of rescued dogs, including two that he himself rescued.

It was when I rescued my boxer Triton when my heart went out to all the dogs everyday that get  euthanized because of a wrong evaluation and misdiagnoses. Triton was returned from five homes because of his aggression. 

It was reported that two different dog psychologist evaluated him and determined he could not adapt to family life because of his aggression and they recommended he be euthanized. (All the more reason that trainers and psychologist need to be certified). A friend worked part time at the rescue and told me of his story. I immediately called the shelter and did a phone evaluation which because of years of experience my gut told me this was a good dog that was never trained properly to know that those behaviors are unacceptable. I offered to take him and rehabilitate any issues he had and because they were not going to try to place him in a home again the rescue gave him to me. I drove three hours out to western Mass to get him and give him the life he deserved.


I received my education in dog training through Anthony Jerones school of dog training and career. located in N.Y. They are dedicated to teaching the skills needed for becoming a certified master dog trainer.

New Life Dog Training believes you're always teaching your dog something. Without realizing it, you may be teaching your dog the wrong behavior reinforcing unwanted problems, which is probably why you are here, seeking guidance from a dog training professional who has the knowledge, experience and ability to teach you to be the leader of your pack.     
Remember, it is never too late to teach your dog to behave, no matter how young or old your dog is. In your home training programs are offered ... whether it be basic and/or advanced obedience or a behavior problem that needs to be corrected. we can accommodate your specific needs and situation.

“Doug’s expertise with our two rescued boxers has been most beneficial.
We have enjoyed working with Doug, and our dogs love him. He has a nice demeanor with the dogs, and we and the dogs feel very comfortable and confident with his unique approach to training. He’s very understanding, knowledgeable, we’ll informed, experienced, sensible, responsible, and patient. He’s always accessible if you have any questions or concerns and never makes you feel like you are bothering him.
We highly recommend Doug, and if we ever have the need to have someone assist with training our dog(s) into our home/lifestyle we will go to Doug without hesitation.
Doug is the best, and we are so pleased with what he has taught us as well as our dogs!!
We cannot say enough great things about Doug.

Thank you, Doug.
Julianne and Rick
(Windsor and Kaylu)