Things To Consider Before Getting A New Dog



Dogs are not throwaway! You can’t trade them in like a car!  If we make a responsible decision when getting at a new family dog, a shelter will have one less dog that needs to be rescued. Rescues know this and that is why the extensive process when adopting, they are making sure the dog your interested in is right for the family.

One of the most important decisions you will make is what kind of dog you should get.

Most people get a dog based solely on impulse and cuteness factor, don’t worry you’re not the first and won’t be the last. The problem with this is we often end up with a very unhappy dog which will drive you crazy resulting in you being unhappy. Why? You ask! Because we didn’t consider our life styles or the needs of the dog.

How big will the dog get?

Will he outgrow my apartment or room I had in mind for him?

How much exercise does he need?

Will I have time to suite his exercise needs? I find this to be the number one thing that is overlooked. Every breed of dog has different exercise needs which depend largely on the breed itself. For example are you a couch potato? Is the most exercise you get in a day walking to the mail box or to your car? You probably don’t want to get a sport dog or active breed of dog, Labrador, Shepard, Boxer etc…

Stick with the bull dog, Great Pyrenees or maybe a mastiff

On the other hand if you walk a lot, hike, bike etc… your better off with the Lab, Shepard or Boxer type dog or an active breed.

Other things to consider are health problems. Some dogs are more susceptible to certain health issues so it’s a good idea to find out what kind of issues the breed you’re considering can have.

Will the climate in which you live work for the breed you want?

Do you have allergies? Some dogs are hypoallergenic

Will you have the finances to properly care for your dog? Vet bills can add up quickly.

Before you make that doggie decision it is a must that you visit the dog breed info site where you can learn the needs of any breed such as temperament, size, exercise, health concerns, life expectancy, grooming and much more.

Please read this article to educate yourself before making a family decision.